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Badge of Honor

Badge of Honor is our fall 2014, School Night to Join Scouting (SNTJS) theme. August 14th is Chippewa’s Fall Roundtable Kick-off located at the Brooklyn Exchange Cabin in Hinckley. Roundtable starts at 6:30pm. Come prepared with your unit’s Rally Night date! The reason this is so important is it’s hard to schedule a time with the schools early in the year to talk to the boys about the Scouting program. At the Great Trail Council it is extremely busy at the start of the school year.  If you do your part, it will make this task easier to accomplish. We need volunteers coordinating Pack SNTJS Rallies and Boy Scout Talks.  Thank you for your support!

The Great Trail Council suggests that pack rallies be held in school buildings where school policies and high fees do not prohibit such events.  Contact your local school principal and make arrangements to have a display table at your school’s PTO Open House.  This is important in helping to get the scouting word out to the parents before the start of the school year. Plus it will give the scout parent volunteers a chance to meet other new parents.

We thrive on volunteers giving back to the program.  If you have any volunteers interested in lending a hand this year serving on the Chippewa District Membership Team please contact Carl Chudzinski ( Carl is in charge of the membership staff members and he is willing to help train your membership and marketing chair. If your pack hasn’t appointed a new M&M chair talk with the unit leadership before September.

I understand it is hard to schedule a date or rely on others/facility but keep in mind this is priority one for packs! Every unit’s goal should be to recruit as many new scouts to the program as possible. The Council and staff are in place to help. I will send all Cub packs a template flyer with instructions on where to put your unit’s information including date, time, location, unit number, etc. Leaders must submit the pack’s flyer to the District Executive, Steve Jindra ( for approval. The deadline is set for August 7th. We are also printing an ad in the Gazette with all the local packs contact information. If you or someone in your unit would like to assist me with the Boy Scout Talk for your pack, you are welcome to join me.  However, you must be in full uniform. I know with your unit’s assistance it will be another great year for fall recruitment.  I look forward to working with you all again.

Pecatonica River Popcorn Sale Kick-off August 18th

Chippewa are you ready to start an awesome Scouting year selling popcorn? This year our popcorn kick-off will be held at the Medina Performing Arts Center at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, August 18th Popcorn Chairman, Terry Ferrier (  will be on hand to help you get off to a good start and supply each unit with a Popcorn Sales Kit. You can sign-up NOW for the Popcorn Sale and register your Unit Popcorn “Kernel” by going online to Click on the “order gateway” tab then scroll down to select The Great Trail Council, Akron OH. Council. The username should pop up as: 433GTC and the password is: Akron. It is very important you attend Roundtable this month!  If you have any questions contact Chippewa’s popcorn chairman.

Roundtable Kick-off in Hinckley

Our Fall Kick-off Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday, August 14th at 6:30 p.m. located at the Brooklyn Exchange Cabin in Hinckley. (2200 State Rd.) We will start our evening programs with a Root-beer float! Then we will jump right into our two break-out sessions. Each Cub Scout Pack will receive a special Fall SNTJS Rally Kit.  Bring three or more volunteers from your  Pack or Troop, Unit Leader, Committee Chairman, Unit Membership Chairman and Unit Popcorn “Kernel.”  Additional volunteers are welcome.

Cub Leader Training/ Boy Scout Leader Training

Cub Scout Leader Training and SM/SA Fundamentals is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th at Medina United Methodist Church, 4747 Foote Rd., Medina, OH.  More information will be placed in your saddlebags and available at the Council office. If you have questions, you may contact CLT: Craig Wrobleski by email ( SM/SA Chuck Newhauser   

Thank You!

Thank you Day Camp Staff Members!  The kids had a great time because of you! We couldn’t have done this event if it wasn’t for your help. A special thanks to Stacy McFarland! This was Stacy’s first year serving as Chippewa’s day camp director. She did a great job and we are lucky to have her as a volunteer. If you happen to see Stacy make sure to thank her again for running such a fun program.

Thank you to Whitey’s Army Navy Store for sponsoring our roundtable raffle giveaways.  Whitey’s supports the Scouting program so let’s make sure to support them. If you haven’t heard by now they are closing up their doors for the last time. Be sure to stop in before September to thank them for all they have done for the scouting program and the Medina community

Chippewa District Upcoming Calendar Dates to Scout Out!

Upcoming August Events:

August 7th Thursday: District Steak Fry 6:30pm at the home of Jane Eberhart.                                         1861 Center Road, Hinckley 44233

August 14th Thursday:  Chippewa Fall Roundtable Kick-off 6:30pm at The Brooklyn Exchange Cabin 2200 State Road, Hinckley, OH. 44233

August 18th Monday:  Chippewa Popcorn Kick-off 6:30pm Medina Performing Arts Center

777 E. Union St. Medina, OH. 44256

Upcoming September Events:

September 1st Monday:  Labor Day - Office and Scout Shop closed.

September 4th Thursday: District Committee meeting at Medina Eagles Club                                           696 Lafayette Rd. Medina, OH. 7:00pm

September 11th Thursday:  Roundtable the Church at Stony Hill                                                                                                                                                                     2756 Stony Hill Rd, Medina, OH 44256


Please call us at: 330.773.0415 or fax 330.773.4084


Great Trail Council

Boy Scouts of America

1601 South Main Street

P.O. Box 68

Akron, OH 44309-0068


Council Website:


Want to get involved? Please contact our key 3 for more details.

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